What is Define Brush?

特にこだわったのは、BENT BRUSH。通常、アイブロウブラシは、鏡に対して真っ直ぐ正面を向いたままだと、ブラシの金具ハンドル手の甲で眉が隠れ、顔の角度を変えながらでないと細かい調整が難しいもの。そこで穂先の手前をブラシごとに角度を変えて曲げることで、鏡に対して真っ直ぐ正面を向いたまま、顔全体のバランスを見ながらサイドからブラシを入れ、立てながら細い面で繊細なラインが描けるようにしました。このブラシがあれば、ディファインメイクが思いのままに。

As a makeup artist for many years, I have worked with many faces and various types of makeup. Through my experience wether it be on location at a shooting site or the way I apply makeup to my own face. I came to think "How can anyone without professional technique use some of these other brushes currently on the market today?" After thinking about it, I created a simple and easy-to-use eyebrow brush. A unique brush that gives you professional quality but anyone can use. I was particular about creating a bent brush. Normally, when an eyebrow brush is facing straight in front of a mirror, the eyebrows are hidden by the metal fittings, handle, or the back of the hand. Which makes it difficult to make fine adjustments without changing the angle of the face. Therefore, by bending the front of the tip of this brush, you can draw delicate lines. Giving you more control while looking straight into the mirror or inserting the brush from the side. Helping you apply makeup more easily, to help the balance of the entire face.I made it! With this brush, you can easily define your look more naturally to makeup who you are.


メイクアップアーティスト。オレゴンに留学後,イギリスに渡り、LCFでメイクアップを学ぶ。卒業後、フリーランスのメイクアップアーティストとしてロンドンでキャリアをスタートし、帰国後は多くの雑誌や広告、CMなどを手がける。人によって違う、その人だけの魅力をディファイン(明確に)するメイクに定評があり、数々の女優やモデルが厚い信頼を寄せる。そのメソッドをまとめた著書『ディファインメイクで自分の顔を好きになる “私だけの魅力”が絶対見つかる自己肯定メソッド』がある。

Define Brush Founder, Makeup Artist
Miwako Mizuno

After studying abroad in Oregon, she moved to England and studied makeup at LCF. After graduating, she started her career as a freelance makeup artist in London, and after returned to Japan. Highly regarded in the industry she has worked on many magazines, advertisements, and commercials. She has a reputation for makeup that defines the unique charm of each person, and is trusted by many actresses and models. Her book that summarizes her method, Define Makeup is about Self-affirmation showing one's own charm through makeup. Bringing out your inner beauty letting you Makeup who you are!
Her book is now on sale at link below.